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The people at Exquisite Landscaping are the experts in selecting, preparing and installing synthetic turf. Synthetic Turf is becoming very popular because it looks good all year round, requires no watering and never needs mowed.

With many home and business owners striving to help protect our environment for future generations this may be just the option for you. Since synthetic turf does not require water you will be helping our water...


Exquisite Landscaping has been installing sprinkler systems and other irrigations systems for residential, commercial and industrial customers for over 25 years. If you have plants, trees, grass or other living landscaping it is important that you have the right watering system installed and properly functioning to keep your landscape beautiful all year long. The experts at Exquisite Landscaping are always happy to help you select and install...


As a Homeowner's Association you are responsible for ensuring that your residents maintain their properties to the highest standards. We understand that you can't effectively manage your communities if the common areas are not maintained to an even higher standard than the standards you demand from your residents.

If your common areas are not maintained at an elite level, your residents will challenge you when you enforce property...


Exquisite landscaping specializes in Commercial and Industrial Properties. We know that the landscaping at your business is the first impression that a prospective customer or employee sees when they visit your facility. Dead plants, overgrown sidewalks, untrimmed trees, weeds and other landscaping issues send a message to your customers that you are not a high quality company that strives to be the best, even if you are the best.


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Be the envy of your neighbors by calling us to schedule your consultation so we can work with you on giving your property the best looking landscaping on the block. We work closely with you to help design what you are looking for so you will be thrilled with the results.

Look at our dedicated pages for Irrigation, Turf, Pavers, Zeroscape (desert landscaping) and Hardscape for more examples and details about these design...


What is Zeroscape? Zeroscape is a low maintenance landscape. A prominent form of Zeroscape is Desert Landscaping. This type of landscaping is much easier and less expensive to maintain than other types of landscaping. Desert landscaping requires no mowing, tree trimming, leave raking, edging and requires much less water than traditional forms of landscaping.

Due to the severe drought that we have been experiencing for years in Arizona...

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The people at Exquisite Landscaping are experts in hardscape design and installation. Whether you need a firepit, built in barbecue, outdoor fireplace, outdoor pizza oven, waterfalls, planters, curbing, gazebo, patio cover, borders or other hardscape, look no further than Exquisite Landscaping for the best quality, superior design and competitive pricing.

Exquisite Landscaping has installed custom pavers all across the valley. Whether...


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